Bradfield Ringing Course

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Bring a towel. Bradfield is a small village with no local shops. The nearest supermarket is at the M4 junction, a ten-minute drive from the college. Our accommodation is based in simple study rooms which are provided with basic bedding, but you may wish to bring an extra pillow for more comfort.

All rooms have ensuite facilities, but you will need to bring your own towel, soap, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, and so on. The study rooms do not lock; therefore, we recommend that you avoid bringing valuables.

Can I come for part of the course?

Students: The course is designed to run over the whole four days to give maximum opportunity to progress; therefore, to avoid denying someone else the opportunity to attend the whole course, we do not offer part courses to students.

Helpers: We are grateful to everyone that volunteers to help with the course and we prefer that helpers stay with us for the whole four days to provide a continuous and familiar level of support for the students in their group. Please contact Jonathan Cresshull if you are unable to attend the whole course, as we may need to find a substitute to ensure that your tutorial group is sufficiently supported.

Which towers will I be ringing at?

The course uses over 70 towers within a short drive of the college. Due to the efforts required to coordinate the towers and manage last minute cancellations, we are unable to circulate the tower list prior to the course. Your tower list will be provided in your course envelope when you arrive.

Will my group tutor contact me before the course?

Our tutors are unpaid volunteers who have generously offered their time to teach on the course. Most of our tutors will contact their students prior to the course to introduce themselves and understand what you hope to achieve during the weekend. Please do not worry if they do not contact you, or if you miss the call. There will be plenty of opportunity to get to know each other at the “Getting To Know Your Group” session at the beginning of the course.

Which group will I be helping?

Due to last minute changes, it is not always possible to circulate group information before the course. Where possible, we give the group tutors a list of proposed helpers, and they might choose to contact you if they have any specific requirements of their group.

Will I need to drive during the course?

The course includes practical sessions at local towers, generally no more than a half-hour drive from the college. We generally ask helpers to drive where possible to allow the tutors and students some time to gather their thoughts between practical sessions, and we ask that passengers contribute to cover driving costs.

Will I need to bring my own lunch?

Your tutorial group will visit local towers on Friday and Saturday, with tutors or helpers recommending a suitable venue for lunch - often a nearby pub. This is not covered in the course fees, and you are welcome to make your arrangements if you prefer. Please also note that lunch is not provided on Thursday.

Are you able to provide for my dietary requirements?

Meals in the college are self-service with several options available at each meal. If you have notified us of a food allery or intolerance on your application form, then special dishes may be prepared to cater for your needs. Please ask the catering staff when you come into the serving area and they will provide you with the correct food.

What’s the Wi-Fi password?

Wireless internet access is available throughout the college grounds and the password will be given to you by your group tutor. Unfortunately, as guests of a school’s network infrastructure, you may find that access to some websites is restricted (including, we have found, some common ringing resources!) and that some protocols, including VPN and streaming services, are blocked.